Aser Queue System is an expert of customer service provider through measurements and data analysis a comprehensive recommendation package with which the efficiency of a customer service can beradically increased.

We are leader in developing, Manufacturing customer management system and digital signage solutions.

Our solution are widely used in public sectors.

Aser queue system can be hardware based with ticket dispenser and other element or purely a software based solution.

Aser Queue System ?

Aser Queue System is a solution where the efficiency quality performance and sales productivity of a customer services can be increased on the other hand its an IT Solution with hardware and software components.

Aser Queue System is one of the leading and most successful providers of services ranging from Queue Management Systems, IT infrastructure solutions and Enterprise Storage Systems to Fuel Management Solutions and Information Security in the Africa Continent Area. Surveys indicate that one of the glaring reasons of customer dissatisfaction is the waiting times that customers experience every day in the government departments, banks, hospitals, stores, and so on. Aser Queue systems help organisations eliminate queues and redefine customer service experiences, managing customer flows efficiently.

Committed to its objective, Aser Queue brings in cutting-edge solutions, so that our clients remain ahead of competition and able to deliver real business value to their customers. Aser Queue started with desire to take customer service to a new level. As a result, we have been providing queue management systems and products that delight our clientele's customers, and are widely embraced for their ability to meet demands of a comprehensive range of requirements. Based in South Africa, Aser Queue operates offices in South Africa and South Korea

Why Aser Queue System?

At Aser queue two things matter the most - Service Excellence and Innovation. Our customer-centric team understands that each customer is unique and hence we provide customized services to each of our clients'.

In addition, we love challenging existing solutions and offer cutting-edge solutions to all our customers. We work with you as a team to define your requirements and implement your needs. Our strategic planning and exceptional personalized services is a testament of our ever-growing client base.


Aser queue system is a self service machine that client can easily access as they arrive at your office, Bank, institutions for information. The client will select a service on the ticket terminal, and with the printed ticket in hand; the client only wait for the ticket to be called.

During the waiting period the client can listen to the announcement on the central digital display and watch other product your company has to offer or watch live TV stations. The institution can also used the data statistics to effectively manage day to day activities and future planning.